When You Feel Yourself Drifting

Emily McCaul | Sunday, October 15, 2017

Oh, Seattle. My heart misses you today—I wish I could step back into that uncharacteristically sunny summer. I liked catching the bus into the city each morning, sipping coffee in my favorite shop down the block from work—I liked feeling like a local.

It’s funny how a big city can do that to you—or rather—it’s funny how Jesus can do that to you. Amid all the crowds and bustle, He leads us to a pocket of familiarity—a place of rest and belonging. For me, in that season of newness, the pocket of familiarity was a coffee shop. I found time to stop there, to breathe and to just be with the One who loves me well—Jesus.

Now back at home, and today especially, I look back on that summer retrospectively and think not of the hardships, the transitions or the awkwardness of public transportation—but of my sweet friends, exciting new experiences and the way I dreamed of more. The West Coast was good to me. Seattle was good to me—and today, I miss that pocket of familiarity. I miss the window seat that looked out onto 6th Street and felt like home.

But what I cherish more than all of these earthly comforts and memories spent with great people—is Him. I’m thankful Jesus is big enough to comfort me wherever I go—to cover the distance across any map, across any two cities—across any two countries. And I’m thankful I’m able to rest in that comfort today, that He doesn’t make us wait, and He invites us to celebrate that.

When all else is changing, floating by quickly like a boat along the water, He enables me to stop and locate that pocket of familiarity, that solid ground of truth I can stand upon. Who is Jesus? He is Good. Consistent. Loving. Present. And He already loves you. I look forward to the next time I board a boat, a plane, even a car, to a new adventure—a new home perhaps—because I know the One who loves my soul goes before me.

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