Currently, I am a young communication professional in the New River Valley who loves to create and is energized by photography, video editing, blogging and social media; as one may presume, I love to write. A little about me—I’m a storyteller, an avid coffee drinker and often abstain from using the Oxford comma.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with my B.A. in communication: multimedia journalism and a secondary major in literature and language: creative writing in Dec. 2017. Presently, I am working toward my M.A. in communication: media effects at Virginia Tech with the intent to graduate in May 2020.

I enjoy original, open-ended projects, and I jump at opportunities to intertwine my experience with technical journalism and boundary-pushing creative writing. In this, I aim to construct innovative content for publications, to think outside the box and to bring multiple dimensions to the content I create.



At the core, my reason for pursuing writing has to do with people; I enjoy hearing others’ stories and sharing them in new and inventive ways. When it comes to writing for a company or publication, and embodying the voice(s) of the people behind the business, the same remains true.

I love what I do.

During my career, I have taken that love and used it to fuel my passion for storytelling; over the last four years I’ve had 80+ articles published, interviewing names like Paula Deen and Nikki Giovanni.

In addition to writing, I foster a passion for film, as well as photography; it’s not uncommon to find me dabbling with video and photo-editing projects in Adobe—any excuse to work with my Canon is much enjoyed.

My goal is to impact the world of media, deliver enticing content to readers and gain more experience in the field of doing what I love. I believe the ability to communicate well with others, combined with the ability to write, is something to capitalize on and use for good.

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